Dalicap won the first place in the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals
Source:Dalicap Reading times:361 pubdate:2019-02-02

On November 30, 2018, the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Electronic Information Industry Finals was held in Shenzhen. 278 outstanding companies from all over the country gathered in Shenzhen to compete for the final crown. The competition involves information technology fields such as Internet of Things, integrated chips, intelligent detection, face recognition, virtual reality, panoramic imaging, and satellite positioning.

In the semi-final, Dalicap went all the way, and broke through from the sixth group, and advanced to the finals with the second group. In the top 16 of the finals, Dalicap won the first place.




Dalicap's entry project is "High-Q, RF/Microwave Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor". The project demonstrates the company's technical advantages, R&D capabilities, product characteristics, quality control and so on. Through independent research and development, Dalicap's technical team has mastered the unique formula of a variety of raw materials, and according to the performance of the products and the required process conditions and equipment requirements, the preparation and use of raw materials with different characteristics ensure the adaptation of raw materials to the process conditions. To achieve the best product performance, breaking through the situation of being controlled by others.




Dalicap has been involved in the field of high-Q capacitors for many years and has a wealth of industry accumulation, especially in the communications, medical nuclear magnetic resonance, RF power, railway signal and other industries have a very solid customer base. Dalicap has passed the quality certification of the world's three major medical imaging manufacturers (including GE Healthcare, Siemens and Philips), and has won a large share of the market by a various series, completed specifications, excellent quality, and good cost performance and delivery time.




Dalicap is committed to becoming a world-class supplier of high-quality electronic components, and is committed to providing high-quality products and professional and efficient customer service to customers around the world. This time we got the first place in the National Finals of the Electronic Information Industry of the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. It is not only the recognition of the company's unwavering investment in technology, R&D and quality control, but also puts forward higher requirements for the company's future development. With this opportunity, the company will continue to deepen the autonomy of high-end electronic components and contribute to the localization of high-end electronic components and the development of domestic advanced manufacturing.


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