Introduction of Dalicap Technology

Dalian Dalicap Technology Co., Ltd., located in Dalian of China, one of famous industrial bases, is a professional enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC). Dalicap is also a leading supplier of Hi-Q, RF/Microwave MLCC applied, especially on the fields of MRI, semiconductor device, industrial laser equipment, testing and analyzing instruments, high-speed railway and 4G/5G PA etc.


With more than 30-year experience of MLCC, Dalicap is committed to providing highperformance, high-reliability products to customers around the world. The R&D and engineering teams have extensive experience to quickly response to customized request. We are proud to have individually-owned core raw materials formula and technology to support the product design, R&D and testing, as well as stable manufacturing process. The company has an unique RF lab, by RF simulation and individual RF testing method to guarantee product realization.


In order to better service customers, wherever you are in Asia, EU or NA, Dalicap has a wide network to secure the in-time delivery and technical solutions to customers across the world.

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